Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Having Less and Giving More

Amidst the financial crisis and economic depression that nearly every nation on earth is grappling with now, there is a constant question that reverberates in our minds. Its a question that jumps at us when we read the newspaper headlines in the mornings or when we turn on the television at nights. What will happen to me? How will this economic 'recession' impact my life or my family's life?

Well I hasten to say that it is indeed times like these that causes us to really ponder on the many blessings that have been bestowed upon us both collectively and individually. This is a point in time when we are forced to take stock of our lives and count our blessings. A point in time when we can no longer afford to take things for granted (literally). The 'bling' we used to buy, the food we used to waste, the light that was left on or the pipe that was left running, were once acts that we did almost unconsciously, but which have now been brought to the forefront of our minds.

So now, what can we do? Will we start feeling vulnerable, depressed, sad, lonely, lost? No matter what these trying times will bring, we must not face it selfishly and in isolation. We ought always to remember that no matter how bad we think our own situation is, there is someone else who is mush worse than ourselves. So I encourage us all to be our brothers' keeper.

It is when we have little that our perception of its value is amplified. It is when we have little that the sacrifice of giving from it seems greater. So can we truly continue to give, and even give more as the season for giving fast approaches? In the words of the new president elect of the USA Barack Obama said, "yes we can."

The link to an article below demonstrates this same point as the Salvation Army in Jamaica expects to exceed donation targets this Christmas season: